Best getting caught stories

This weekend I was at a poetry competition. There are about 30 people hanging out in our hotel room, and I got up to leave the room to make a phone call. On my way out, I felt a little tug. I turned around, and someone was holding my pump in his hand! It had gotten caught on the button of his jacket. I apologized, and he apologized and told me he really hoped it hadn't hurt, and I assured him it hadn't, and we giggled, and I left. What's the weirdest place your tubing's gotten caught?

 My bad, when I read the thread title I had whole different picture. LOL I am so male!!! (you know)

In a DVD player door.  It was closing and my pump was on the ground, I was sitting next to it and you know, it just seemed to find its way in the door to get squished.  An inconvenience.

My tubing got caught on my curling iron once. I finished my hair turned to leave the bath room and all of a sudden my curling iron is burning my leg and my cite and tubing are puulled out of my about double whammy lol

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 My bad, when I read the thread title I had whole different picture. LOL I am so male!!! (you know)


my thoughts exactly as well.

tubing usually doesn't get caught as it's always in my pants ;-)

Same here...  everything D-related (pump, tubing, Dexcom sensor) is always hidden under clothing.  The only time I've gotten tubing caught on something was at home, and the culprit is usually a doorknob.

I'm a female and I was also thinking the same thing.  I guess those stories are posted in the adult groups. 

I have been caught on my chair at work. 

I thought the same thing Keith! I dont have a pump so I cant answer.

I once caught my tubing on a button as I was getting dressed at the gym.  The pump fell and somehow the thread to the button sliced the tubing in two!  Better yet, though, was my co-worker who approached me with his fingernail clippers to take care of the "thread" on the front of my skirt!  More recently, my tubing hooked onto my son's backpack as he was leaving for school - I thought I'd have to come along as his sharing!

My tubing always gets stuck to my dog's nails and to people's buttons... sometimes jean buttons which can get awkward real fast haha

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I have been caught on my chair at work. 


This could be very dirty!! hahaha

The worst thing I've ever been caught on was a standing fan in my bedroom...not like the blade or anything (OUCH!) just some piece of it that stuck out and I got hooked to as I walked by.

In high school I remember walking in the hall between classes when my tubing apparently got caught on someone's backpack who was walking the opposite direction so I had to run backwards for a few steps until the other person realized what was going on.


Not that this happens often. However, a few times it has gotten caught on the ellipitcal as I am using it. Or sometimes I will put my iPod in the wrong pocket and have the tubing and headphones tangle together.

Oops, that did sound dirty.

Working fast food I used to get my tubing caught in the fridge and heater doors, or in the gaps between two parts of the prep line.  Watching the tubing unravel lead some to start calling me a robot.

This has happened to me so many times in high school and now has continued in college, haha It can be really embarrassing especially if its someone you've never talked to before..

The only place I've ever gotten tubing caught is on kitchen doorknobs because like other people, the tubing is usually under my clothes.  But if my pump somehow falls off my pants and my set is in my stomach, it's very painful >_<

I get it caught on the kitchen cabinets. I always try to keep it covered so it doesn't get caught but somehow it does sometimes. I got it caught on my locker door one time and I went to shut it and it yanked the site out. I didn't hurt that bad though.