Best insurance plan for self-employed?

I’m about to become self-employed and looking for the best health insurance plans? Also, I’m the primary provider for my husband and 7 month old daughter.

Hillary @Hgbonham, it sounds as if you are leaving an employer group health insurance plan.
If so, you have the option to continue that coverage under an Individual Plan that will not have barriers for “pre-existing conditions”. Almost always the best way to go; I converted in 1975 when I was laid-off and became self-employment and kept me and my entire family covered under an individual plan for 10 years.

There are a few ways to get health insurance plans. One way is to keep the plan you have through your employer, but you will pay the full premium (your share plus the share the employer pays) for the plan for up to 18 months. Another option is to go to You likely qualify for a special enrollment period so you can purchase a plan through there.
Different health plans are offered in different states so you will have to look for plans that are available in your state. The JDRF health insurance guide, available at has more information about your options for getting insurance and how to pick out a plan that will work best for you.