Best Multivitamin for Son

Good evening. My son is 15 years old he was diagnosed almost 3 years ago. He is still dealing with understanding what it means to be type one diabetic and how to eat. I wanted to know if anyone knows of a good multivitamin she is able to take due to him not eating a lot of vegetables like he should

Welcome to the community @egreen317 . I can’t recommend a multi for your teen but wanted to suggest you try V8 juice. In addition to the original version I grew up with there are different blends now - some spicey and some mixed with fruit.
Also check out Mediterranean meals. Plain old spinach (for example) may be boring, but it may have more appeal as part of a breakfast sandwich or fritatta. I found an app called Yummly that has plenty of recipes - Med and otherwise.
Wishing you the best.

Definitely check with your son’s doctors for specific recommendations based on your son’s needs. Some people don’t really need any supplements, but others really do — it just depends on the person.