Best of times

OK, to get a discussion started, let's talk about your best or worst babysitting experience, or a kid you really like to/ dislike babysitting.

To start it off, I babysit this one girl who is about 8 and is SO well-behaved! She is actually really fun to babysit. Usually I just throw on a movie when I watch kids, but she actually got me interested in playing, which is usually SO boring with other kids. They'll tackle you or make you do all the work and carry them around and their games are boring, but this one girl reminds me how much fun I had playing pretend as a kid. Also, she recently learned how to read and was reading a book to me the other day, and I got to help her with some of the words she didn't know. It was so much fun!

Since the kids I sit for found out I have diabetes, they talk about it A LOT. I don't mind though, because, unlike so many teenagers, and even ADULTS, they understand that I have Type I, its different than Type II,and I didn't cause it by "eating too much sugar."