Best place on body to wear sensor?

I’m a relatively new T1D for just over a year. When I first started on my pump last December I also started using the sensor, which is the Medtronic Guardian sensor. My trainers told me most people wear them on the back of their upper arm, which I tried, but I just didn’t like the feel of it, especially while sleeping. So I started wearing it on my stomach where I do my ports for my pump, but I feel like I don’t rotate my sites well enough when I do that. So the last two weeks I’ve tried wearing it on my arm, but they’ve both come off after 5-6 days when I’ve been taking my shirt or sweater off, as it seems the tape wears down faster on my arm. I’m not sure if it’s due to poor taping by myself, or just wearing down because of arm movements and that kind of thing. For those that wear sensors, where do you find the best place to wear them on your body, and do you have someone assist with taping your sensor down? Thanks!

Welcome to the type one nation brent.stephens51 Brent. I have been dealing with T1 fir more than 40 years, but only the last year or so with the sensor pump combo… I too am using the minimed 670 and the Guardian sensors. I have found that putting them in my arms is awkward at best and I never got one to last 7 days. I even had my wife try and help me once. I then switched to abdomen for a while but while that lasted a little longer but generally not the full 7 days. Currently I am placing them on my butt with the most success. With a little twisting I can generally get both hands on it and get it taped properly. I also use skin tac wipes when placing them so they add a little adhesive and make them stay better

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Thanks for sharing your experience, Mike. I’m glad I’m not the only one who struggles with wearing it on their arm! And that’s good to know about the skin tac tapes, I had not heard of those but after looking at them online it looks like those could definitely help too. And that’s good you’ve found success with wearing them on your butt, I think I’ll give that a try. Have you found it uncomfortable while sleeping or sitting? I mainly work in an office setting sitting at a chair, so do you place it more to the side of your butt like around the hip area?

While it’s on the butt it’s more a little higher than my actual bottom while sitting in a chair. More like a butt cheek. it is about 2 inches above the chair
towards my side so I am not directly sitting on it. Easier to put there and more comfortable. Sleeping has also not been an issue. Occasionally while reading on my side in bed I find a spot which is a little uncomfortable but beyond that everything else
is pretty good. .

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hi @brent.stephens51 Brent and welcome! I agree with @MikeW, top of the butt is a fav of mine, I use the “love handle” area for sensors. tac and overtape are your friend for keeping the sensor on longer. good luck!

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@joe and @MikeW thank you both for sharing about your experiences, this was very helpful to read what works for both of you and I’ll be looking forward to that out for my next sensor change! Thanks again for your help, Brent

All that I have ever worn on my arms is a CGM Dexcom Sensor/Transmitter which is wireless and no lines to get in the way when dressing. However, you may need help putting on the pump infusion set on your arms but particularly with any special tape to hold it in place. I have also used my upper legs for the CGM Transmitter with good success. My Minimed Quick Infusion Sets for my pump are primarily worn and rotated on my abdomen area, but have used my hip area. Medtronic recommends these locations on your body, but others have possibly had success with other areas of the body. Just have to be careful of belts or straps wherever you locate and long-term diabetics have to be careful of areas of the skin that have thickened due to many injections whether by syringes or infusion/sensors.

Hi! Between the CGM and the sensor there is hardly enough room on the abdomen to rotate both to new sites. I started using my upper thighs for the CGM and kept the abdomen for the sensor, which has worked for me. Best to You!

In another post a while back I read that one user uses an arm band when they wear it on their upper arm - I’m picturing something like the reflective bands runners wear at night - to protect their sensor (in their case, while playing sports). They didn’t mention any connection issues between the devices - I guess it’s not much different than wearing it on your abdomen where is covered by your clothing.