Best thing about this site?

Since I figured we all use the Juvenation site as a tool to help us cope with diabetes, I figured this was the appropriate group in which to post this question.

If you had to say one thing, and just one, what would be your favourite ("favorite", for you people in the States!  LOL) part about this website?

Mine is the variety of people I have met.  Variety includes their ages, sex, geographic location, experience with T1D and even their relationship with Type 1 diabetes.  I absolutely LOVE hearing all the different points of view.  It really helps me to alter my own when needed!  Thank-you to all of you!

Oh, and remember to answer the question!  I can't wait to read the replies!

How open and kind people are here. They will share things that happen to them,to help others. From the very start it touched my heart.

My fave thing is how this site is JUST for us. Like we are one big family and we all share the burden of t1d. Yknow? :) its very nice and supportive. :D Thanks! You guys help me through a tough time!

Right on!!!!!!!!

The best part for me is knowing that I am not alone. If I am feeling something I will post it here and so many other people have/had the same experience and will send over some really great advice my way! I am totally loving my Juvenation family!

::hugs to everyone::

[quote user="Gina"]I am totally loving my Juvenation family[/quote]

I talk about Juvenation so much to my husband that I think he's starting to get jealous of my friends here!  Hmmm...  maybe the topic of a new post?!?


That is so funny! I do the same thing...there is a friends and family link, tell him to join...hahaha


LOL. I do the same thing. Juvenation, Juvenation and more Juvenation !!! Sometimes I think people just want to tell me to be quiet but hey this has become a part of my everyday life.  I love this place : )

I enjoy reading stories of others and giving support to those who are in need of it. A place where all of us "understand" what another person may be feeling/experiencing.

 It's become a learning tool for me personally.


me too. I love this place! I am on here so much I think my husband is but really I am so happy to have everyone here.

[quote user="julia"]I love this place![/quote]

Ditto! You guys are my little army that I can complain to that I'm 450, and you'll actually know what that means and how I feel. :) There's this unspoken bond of "we're all in the same (stupid) boat"

I can actually learn alot from this website, I am newly diagnosed and this has helped so much to learn about t1, I can also talk to people who don't mind hearing about this disease as where others who don't have this get tired of hearing it and they don't really understand what I am going through, sometimes I just need to know what others are feeling and I want to express how I feel. I am in the learning phase and want to learn all I can about type 1, I am happy about this site, thanks to all!