Best vitamins for T1D

Hey all,

I’m trying to be really on top of my vitamin game starting this year! I’m 25 and feel this is the right age to really start paying attention to good vitamins that will help keep my diabetes on track.

I’m currently taking flaxseed oil, vitamin d, biotin, and alpha lipodic acid. I tried taking niacin (b3) but seriously can’t handle the “niacin flush”. I also drink 2 tablespoons a day of apple cider vinegar to help regulate blood sugar and reduce cholesterol.

Please…please…please write me back some awesome vitamins that I should consider looking into! Thanks friends :slight_smile:


T1d’s often are deficient in B12, and sometimes D in the winter. It actually shows up on blood tests. Every year or so I take a bunch of B12 (because your body can store about year’s worth of it) and each fall I take a D until it starts to get warm.

good luck.

Those are all good ones, especially the alpha lipoic. Make sure you’re taking at least 400mg per day. They sell them on Amazon. I was also recommended to take 1000mg of calcium. Adding 500mg of magnesium can also keep depression under control. The B12 I take is methylcobalamin, because it’s been shown to help with neuropathy, which I have mildly.

Methyl folate is good too. My son takes Ortho molecular brand.

Thank you all so much for the great responses! I have wrote them all down and will be Amazon shopping tonight! :slight_smile:

Thanks again

Can anyone recommend a good multi-vitamin brand? It can get rough taking all the vitamins individually.

I recommend Isotonix brand vitamins. They are very easily absorbed by the body. Personally we take a Multivitamin and OPC3 (You can find here: Disclaimer-this is my personal link to the shop, however I currently use and sell these after recommendation from a holistic nutritionist whom I was interning with. I recommend rather you purchase from me or not.) They are very good vitamins. Multi w/iron for women to help supplement basic needs. And the OPC3 is a strong anti-inflammatory (high blood sugar is a pro-inflammatory condition), so it helps balance/protect body from daily challenges of blood sugar spikes. I recommend these two for diabetics and non-diabetics alike. Me and my daughter use these (she is type 1). I am an herbalist-have my masters in herbal medicine working now on my nutrition certification.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t stress the importance of healthy diet, as supplementation is just that and doesnt make up entirely for poor eating habits.

Great information! Thanks so much

i like vitamin d ill take 50000 iu. once a week. Green tea, chromium picolinate, and grape fruit lower my blood sugar. Cinnamon seems to lower and stabilize my blood sugar the best though.

Hi all. I am an American living in New Zealand. Over here medicine is not a commercial activity and most doctors, especially endocrinologists would suggest not buying supplements without having tests to indicate they are needed. There’s a lot of evidence that it is the ‘worried well’ people who spend a lot of money on supplements that are not needed and in some cases can be harmful. I used to take supplements but now check with my doctors, get blood tests and only take what is medically indicated … except for good quality fish oil capsules. I take one a day.
Just my thoughts from Down Under.
Warmest wishes.

I am 17 and I am diagnosed with t1 and am confused about taking my breakfast
I cant find anything to eat with bread I cant have butter too
and plz it wuld be helpful for me if someone tell me his/her dosage pattern and units one takes in a day