Best way to keep from having a low while exercising

When I work out or play basketball I often worry about getting a low blood sugar.  Luckily I can feel it when I am low however I try to avoid this especially when I am exercising.  One way I do this is test more often during exercise and make sure to bring snacks, usually granola bars.  Anyone else have any advice?

Hey Jason, 

The best way by far is to reduce your basal insulin before exercising (if your using a pump you have to reduce it starting 1.5 hours before exercising, because it takes this long for your basal insulin to hit your bloodstream). That being said, you may need carbs in addition to the reduction in insulin. You can calculate the equivalent amount of carbs that the insulin reduction is equal to by using your carb factor.  

I either eat a little extra, or put in less insulin (I’m on a pump) after eating a meal before working out . And I’ve heard you shouldn’t, but I take my pump off if I’m gonna work out hard.