Beware all Dexcom Users with Iphones

I just spoke to Dexcom Technical support and they told me that the new iphone update has not been synced with the Dexcome G6 platform so there will be outages.

Just thought everyone should know ahead of time.

Well that’s insane! I use the G5, not the G6 but can airfield the cause for concern. I had a similar issue with my Tandem Tconnect software after Apple’s recent upgrade - I won’t be able to do any downloads for a while / I think they said early in the year. My physician’s office uses a PC so they’re not affected.

I just upgraded to the new iphone 11 max yesterday, which came with the newest iOs on it, and fortunately have not had any Dexcom issues. Just wanted to point out that even though its not officially supported by Dexcom yet, it “could” still work for you.

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The IOS 13 is the affected update. Not the phone.

My point being, I also have the newest ios. Also, Dexcom is saying that the iphone 11 is not support yet, but it is working fine for me.

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I have an iphone7 with ios13.2.2 and it is working just fine with my G6. I think it’s just a disclaimer to remove liability for Dexcom.

John’s explanation is the precise answer

Clickbait title. Dexcom had a warning pop up in the G6 app that Apple was making significant changes to their Bluetooth permissions in iOS 13. All you have to do is go into the Bluetooth settings on your phone and manually give Dexcom permission to use Bluetooth. I’ve had zero issues with dropouts after following Dexcom’s instructions.