Beware of nannimae Nancy

She was giving dexcom senors away and all you had to do was pay for shipping .well I reached out to her and I sent her the payment so she could have sent them to me . I paid her on Friday and she said she would send the package out on Tuesday since it was a holiday this week. Which I don’t get why she couldn’t send it on Saturday. But any ways . She had sent me the per shipping label which had tracking number well days went by and nothing I keep checking the tracking status and it hadn’t changed. I reached out a few times and she kept giving me excuses on why they hadn’t updated my tracking well it’s day 5 after I paid it and pretty upset because I won’t be getting the senors and I asked for her to refund which she did I’m surprised. But please be careful.

Brittany @BrittanyRoy90, that should be a warning to you and to all. It appears that you sent money to some google site someplace in the world but you don’t know where.

The JDRF security system tries hard to eliminate known “unsafe” postings but it is not simple. The system robots and moderators delete many attempted “injurious” postings but some slip through. “Nancy” is a long time member of this site.

Additionally, in the United States it is not legal to trade in “Prescription Only” merchandise without proper licensing.

Yes I know it was only shipping which I paid for and never got the iteams which I needed .she did refund me my money for the shipping but still if she sent them to someone else it would have been nice to be told the truth.