Beware of thigh pouch

A couple of years ago when I started the pump I was trying out the different pouches that you can wear on your leg, arm, and around your waist. So one day I decided to try out the thigh pouch while wearing a skirt.

I was going out to dinner with my friend so i was excited i got to try out the thigh pouch that particular day after getting it in the mail. I threw on a skirt and went out. Ok yes i did have a shirt on and shoes too ! lol anyway, half way through dinner I had to use the bathroom so I got up walked toward the bathroom and....


THE PUMP FELL ON THE WOOD FLOOR FROM BETWEEN MY LEGS! oh boy! and to make matters worse a waiter passing by picked it up and the wire started lifting my skirt.

I embarrassingly told him OH ITS JUST AN INSULIN PUMP!

Note: I don't recommend the thigh pouch lol


LOL - that is a good one!

We tried the pump bands for my 6-year old daughter too with similar results.

They look cool and I suppose in the right situations could work well. But that is a good story to remember!

I could never get the thigh pouch to stay up either.  I contributed it to big thighs!  hahahaha.  LOVE knowing others have this problem.

At this point in my life, with how rare it is for me to get dressed up in a dress, I tend to just go untethered for the evening.

I tried a similar pouch thing one day when I was going to an FBLA conference and I had to wear a dress and hose.

It was so embarrassing. My pump got loose and slid down the hose which were dark and I was trying to covertly fix it when a cute boy comes up and asks me why I have a square thing moving up the back of my leg.

on the upside I talked to the boy for quite awhile so hey, theres that.