Beyond furious

So I just wrote a huge post, but it didn't load, so I'm just going to sum it up in a few sentences.

I am so sick of my roommates talking about the glories of donating plasma (at $20 bucks a pop, that's practically like winning the lottery for a college student) when I was deferred last summer after wasting 2 hours of my life in a Plasma Donation Clinic, only to be told that diabetes is a permanent deferral from donating.  

If anyone has experienced any kinds of limitations solely due to diabetes, or has more information regarding plasma donation and type 1 diabetics, please respond.

p.s. it's not even about the money anymore--it's about the fact that diabetes is preventing me from doing something that most of society doesn't even consider a privilege.  I know things could be worse (I'm lucky enough to even have a job on campus), but I'm really fed up.  I don't think it's fair that plasma donation centers categorize diabetics as "hazardous threats to the donation environment."


I wish I could give you good news, but our local Plasma donation center also says no to type 1.  Actually, they say no to any insulin dependent PWD, type 1 or 2.  It is VERY frustrating.  My husband donates twice a week (for a total of $50) and our agreement was that the money would be  his "mad money", (or emergency fund for groceries.  He was in construction and over the last 3 years work has been spotty at best with 4 layoffs and multiple cuts in wages, and the extra $$ helped then).  Now that he is working steady, it is back to being his "mad money".  I don't have that luxury, and have no way of getting it as easily as donating. 

I know there are other things that prevent you from being able to donate plasma.  There is a long list of medications you can't be on, as well as countries that you can't have been to and received medical treatment in.  It may sound like everyone but us can donate, but I know of quite a few who can't for reasons other than D.


I know about the long list of other deferrals, such as body piercings, receiving money for sex, tattoos, having been in Africa in the past 2 years, etc (I talked about these in the post I originally tried to submit) since I donate blood frequently and they are pretty much the same, apart from the diabetes thing.  It's so annoying, and is quite ridiculous, in my opinion.  Unless someone presents an article saying exactly why type 1's can't donate, I will continue to be bitter about it.  

I'm glad I'm not the only one!



I guess donating plasma is different from donating platelets. I do platelets every 2 weeks (for free mind you - Red Cross) and I never heard of being rejected for that stuff with regards to diabetes. I know that diabetics can't donate bone marrow, but did not know that about plasma. Are you in Canada by any chance? I heard they are anti-diabetic donors there.


does that mean that i cant sign up to be a organ donor when i die because i am type 1?

I donate frequently with Red Cross, too.  Also, bone marrow is made of basically the same type of cells as plasma, so I think that's why.  Thanks for the head's up, though, I didn't know that, and my university has a bone marrow drive every year.  Thanks for saving me the trouble, haha.  I'm in Wisconsin, by the way.

You can sign up to be an organ donor!  I am:) 

In Canada we don't get paid to donate blood.

There are a lot of things that are restricted for type 1 diabetics, but since becoming friends with a guy who went blind from cancer I've realized that the things we're restricted from doing as diabetics are small in comparison. I'm not trying to minimize our struggles by any means. I'm just saying, we all have our restrictions in life. And when you get old like me they're easier to accept. :)

Plasma & blood donations are different.  It's frustrating since it seems like they should be the same :/ 

I totally agree with you, Cor.  My stepdad and my grandma were just diagnosed with cancer this past week, and since then, everything seems to be put into perspective.  I guess I will just keep praying for strength :) 



aye. ive tried as well. a no go. blood or plasma aka the stab lab. mainly i think is you could bottom out EASILY afterwards. offer to take someone whos donated out for a beer immediately afterwards see how silly they become. from what i understand a diabetic can go downhill with the quickness