BFP and paranoid!

Well ladies, I never thought I'd actually be posting this! Yesterday I took a FRER preg test (or 3) and it came back positive...faint, but definitely there.  :) Then last night I took a digital one and I still couldn't believe my eyes..."Pregnant!" My husband and I have been trying for 6 months and I can't believe our dream finally came true. I tested early b/c my blood sugars have been completely wack and I just knew something was up! Each time I test the tests are positive. :)

So the doctor saw me this morning and I took a urine test there too. I thought she'd be happy for me, but instead she just made me super paranoid. :( At first she said their test was negative. She gave it more time and it became a faint positive. She then said I shouldn't be testing so early and should always wait til at least 5 weeks after my last period. She did give me orders to get blood work today and then again on Monday. But she also added that if I'm not still pregnant in a week or so that she's not going to consider it a miscarriage b/c it's just a chemical pregnancy. Way to burst my bubble! I know all that risk is out there, but it's all she talked about. I wanted to tell our parents for mother's day, especially because my husband's deploying in a week. What would you all do? I was so, so confident until now. I don't want to be the "girl that called baby" as one of my close friends put it...there are 6 kids in my family and it'd be so misleading to all of them, getting everyone so excited.

I am pregnant though. The test even says, "Pregnant." Am I losing my mind? Anyone else test early and feel like this at first?

Thanks! Porter

Your experience is pretty typical...  think I did about 6 pregnancy tests just to make sure the first few weren't a fluke. And after each test I had a weird, "This can't really be happening" feeling.  But my son is proof that the test was accurate. =)  

Your doctor's response is a little weird.  When I went in for confirmation my doc said the home tests can sometimes show negative when someone is in the early stages of pregnancy, but that if it shows + then you're definitely expecting.

Do you take ACE inhibitors for kidney health?  If so, stop taking them immediately.  They can potentially cause birth defects.  


I found out I was pregnant at 10 days past ovulation, so it was definitely before a missed period. I was so worried about a chemical pregnancy also! I Once I got past that stage I was worried about a miscarriage! But I am happy to say I am now in my 2nd trimester! Woo hoo! I actually told my parents about 2 or 3 days after finding out. I knew there was a chance of chemical pregnancy or miscarriage, but I would still rather them know if I was going thru a miscarriage, rather than hide it. My mom is definitely part of my support system. We talk about everything. If I had a miscarriage, I would want her to be there for me.