BG changes with pregnancy

So, there is a good possibilty that I am pregnant (endocrinologist wants me to wait until after my first missed period to take a test) and I’ve been trying my heart out to keep my blood sugar in the 80-110 range. Before the possibility of me being pregnant arose, my blood sugar was responding fine to my insulin and corrective boluses I was taking, but the last week or so I’ve been battling with my pump to try and get myself into and stay in my target range. Did anyone else have issues with insulin resistance in their early stages of pregnancy?

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I am a guy and so I am sorry to comment but I wanted to bump this to the top and hope you get better answers.

Hormone changes of any kind will affect blood sugar, Insulin and exercise controls blood sugar. So in my unqualified opinion, yes, I would bet that pregnancy changes your insulin resistance and can change how much insulin you need, both basal and mealtime.

good luck!

So I personally have not been pregnant yet but my endo and I did talk about it at my last appointment as she feels that there are too many T1D girls in their mid 20s who don’t know to tell their endo that they are. She did tell me that when you are pregnant you, will need to work with your endo closely because you build a high level of insulin resistance from the pregnancy hormones. I also occasionally have a hard time lowering my blood sugar during my time of the month (hormones are fun). Best of luck in figuring it out and congratulations if you are pregnant! :slight_smile: