BG check reminders

Hi so as of late i’ve been struggling with consistently remembering to check my blood sugar. Part of it is because i’ve recently switched schools and this new school i’m going to has very strange class scheduling and has a lot less dictation over diabetes than at my old school
Anyway since i’ve been either forgetting or blowing it off i just wanted some advice on tips and tricks for remembering to check and give insulin?

I can certainly relate to getting tied up with work and school matters and overlooking insulin and testing.

For the remembering insulin that should be fairly easy if you are comfortable about giving yourself injections. just make the insulin part of opening your mouth to take in food - that is, whenever you eat make insulin part of the process. Do you mind if others around you know that you NEED insulin in order to live?

Remembering to test before you find yourself fumbling about is more difficult. I’ve made it part of my routine kicked off by things I usually do in life - but I’m remembering that when I was working how long phone calls or meetings would interfere with my remembering to check. The easy tests to remember and “schedule” should be when you get out if bed in the morning and then sometime late evening before bed - yes, even on those all-nighter studies you can take a stretch and test break.

Your profile doesn’t say if you pump. On my pump, I have the “missed bolus” tool activated which allows me to set an alarm if I go beyond a usual time for a meal insulin - for instance, if I don’t take insulin between 12 noon and 1:30 PM, the alarm will beep me at 1:30. The pump also allows a BG reminder signal set for a certain time period after I take insulin - I used that feature before I retired 5 years ago.

I hope this helps; and I hope your school goes well and diabetes will stay in the background while being well controlled.

I second the idea of setting reminders on your pump to help with this, because the day can just get away from you sometimes! The Minimed pump also has a “BG Check” alarm you can set, but for the life of me I can’t find it right now. You can always call them 24/7 at 1-800-646-4633 and they can tell you how.

Are you allowed to carry a cell phone to class if you keep it on vibrate? I have an iPhone and I use a free app called “Alarmed” to set recurring reminders for myself. I would think it would be a reasonable ADA accommodation to allow you to carry your phone with you, but you might have to do some paperwork to make that happen.