BG consistently high despite diet and exercise

Hello all, our son is 12. He was diagnosed 2 years ago and has been pretty stable with the BG until the last 6 months. He does finger pricks and insulin injection rather than using other technologies due to playing high contact sports.

His numbers have been consistently in between 200-300 even after we consulted his endo and adjusted the ratio.

Curious if anyone here experienced similar challenge and how you managed it. TIA

Hi @Hope4cure welcome to TypeOneNation. There are a lot of reasons your son may have high blood sugar. Increased insulin resistance from illness stress or hormones are common and could play a factor. Poor absorption from either the bolus or basal insulin could cause it.This could be from injections in the same locations too many times. If either insulin has lost potency due to heat or accidental freezing or direct sunlight it could be a cause as well.

He is growing so an increase in insulin requirements is part of the deal. You’d have to update both basal and carb and correction ratios. You only mention carb ratios but you’d have to update everything if his needs or his general resistance has changed he’ll need more basal as well.

Anyway that’s all the guessing I’m going to do today. I hope you can work closely with your endo and I Hope you get the help you need

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@Hope4cure Hi Yilin, and welcome to the JDRF TypeOneNation forum!

I’m certainly not surprised to read that the insulin dose your son has depended on for the last two years isn’t working now. The human body is a constantly changing, living organism which is constantly in a state of change - look back at how your body has changed over years/decades. As @Joe wrote, there are many more factors, other than meal-time [Insulin:Carbohydrate Ratio] insulin dosing that enter into effective diabetes management. A major factor could be your son’s age - many body changes are occurring. I suggest that you, your son and his medical provider look at your son’s total lifestyle - the BIG picture.

As I said, insulin needs fluctuate; me, for example. During the past 64 years living with insulin, my body had needed injected/infused as little as 15 units per day, and as much as 100+ units per day.

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Hey @Hope4cure, I am 30 years old and been a diabetic for over half my life. I played contact sports all through HS and still play soccer to this day. I have always noticed that playing soccer will make my BG rise(I have played while on shots/lantus as well as with my pump) my BG will almost always rise while playing sports. It was just one of those things I always have to fix after the games.

I will say that you should definitely look into a pump with a CGM. I am currently on both and it will help regulate your sons BG in a way humans cant. My only downside with the pump is it is very difficult to play with it on, especially if it has tubing. I always take my pump off before games and put it back on after games, This of course will cause your sugars to rise as well.

hope this shed some light. GOOD LUCK!!

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