BG Target range?

My new endo noticed my BG target range was set too low, so he had me increase the range to 90-130. I had been going low a lot and he thought that might be one reason. However, my BG this morning was 123, for which I would want to correct to 100-ish, but with the new range it won’t. His advice has worked well so far other than this one. Any recommendations for BG target ranges that have worked well for you?

My endo is similar. He doesn’t want me to achieve on target A1Cs by having lows especially overnight so my target when I wake up is 110. Maybe you can lower your target range a little but change your basal rate if lows are occurring frequently.

I am lucky to have good hypoawareness, so although I hate lows as much as anyone, it’s not a scary thing for me because I wake up before I hit 60. I like your idea…I think I will change it to 90-110 and see if that helps.

hi @angivan, I set my target range to 88-99, which my endo calls “aggressive”. why would you want an upper target above where you would normally otherwise correct? anyway, if your endo insists, you could always manually correct. good luck.