Big Baby

I just went to the high risk today (I’m 30 weeks) and the baby is measuring way bigger than normal. (4 lb 6 oz, and they’re normally about 3 lbs at this stage). They said she’s in the 82nd percentile and if she gets to the 90th, then we need to be concerned. I’m of course already concerned and know that bigger babies are an issue, I just didn’t expect it so soon. Did any one else go through this and can give me any words of advice?

I’m no expert on this because I have not experienced pregnancy myself, but it’s interesting that your doc is so concerned about your baby’s weight reaching the 90th percentile, given that it is widely known that babies of Type 1’s are often larger regardless of control. And this study suggests that close to 40% are in the 90th percentile or higher at birth. Granted you’re still a few weeks away, but I’ve heard several Type 1 moms say they delivered their babies at 35-37 weeks, so you don’t have much longer to go if an early delivery becomes necessary.

Hi Chelsea,
I’ve been pregnant twice with Type 1 (diagnosed when I was 4 years old). I have two healthy and happy boys that both measured large in utero. Despite these larger measurements, they were both born in the normal range (both within 7-8 lbs). On the other hand, my non-diabetic friend had an early c-section because her baby was measuring alarmingly small and when born he was also in the normal range (he was a little over 5 lbs - he was small, but he was way bigger than they thought he was). She was upset they took him early and I was upset that they stressed me out with my two boys. While I won’t say to disregard what they’re saying by any means, I hope it helps to know that the measurements they do of babies in the womb are frequently way off. Take what they’re saying with a grain of salt.
Hope all goes well!! Feel free to message me for any more info, I know this is a stressful time.
Take care,

Thank you, thank you Magda! I honestly was just looking for someone who could relate- it’s all so overwhelming! Did you have them c-section and how early?

Both were c-sections, but the second one by choice. My first was breech 4 days before my due date, so when I went in for my regular non-stress test - which they had me coming in for about every 2-3 days - the attending told me we might as well have the c-section that same day. He said that waiting to see if he’ll flip with the risks of placenta failure weren’t worth it. I was hoping to have a vaginal birth but I was getting anxious about the placenta so I agreed.

With my second I opted for a c-section despite the pressure to do vaginal. Both made me anxious but I figured I’d choose the devil I know. Plus I hear a large percentage of women end up with urinary incontinence in their later years and the odds increase a lot with each vaginal delivery, so that swayed me.

Honestly, I was really really worried at the time that I’d regret not trying vaginal since we’re not having any more kids for sure and I prefer natural processes most of the time, but my second is 9 months old now and I have no regrets.

Heh, sorry, second was 8 days before my due date.

Big babies are way less to worry about than small! I had my baby 4 weeks early at 8lbs, 9oz and she was perfectly healthy. Not a second was needed in the NICU. I did have lots of ultrasounds and stress tests toward the end, so everyone will keep an eye on it. And my endo was not concerned at all, she said babies from white females, particularly in the Midwest region, tend to be large babies. Don’t stress about it, just do what you can to keep your blood sugar stable.