Big Fat Positive!

I still can't believe it! But two weeks ago I randomly took a test and it was postive! (Ok I took the whole box just to make sure lol) I had an ultrasound to check gestational age because I dont have regular periods and I am about 7wks this week. So far everything is ok, my HCG levels are good. And I go for another ultrasound in May to hear the heartbeat and try and get a more accurate due date. (i'm thinking it should be around the first few weeks of Dec).

So after all the excitement-now come the nerves! I'm trying so hard to stay positive, but I can't help but worry about every little thing. And I'm terrified about having a m/c or something. So for that reason we have only told our parents. So far I have been extremely exhausted, I think I am sleeping more hours than I'm awake. And I just started working third shift which makes it worse. And this week the morning sickness started. Ughh...sometimes I laugh at myself and think why am I complaining this is what I wanted for so long!

So I'm glad to have a place like this to come and vent, get advice, and hear the positive stories of all you great women!

CONGRATULATIONS!!! That's big news! I was just like you when I found out I was pregnant (I wasn't even 4 weeks along when I found out). I was so worried about a m/c. I actually cried a couple times when my blood would spike thinking about how it might cause me to loose the baby. I am now 3 months and have had 2 ultrasounds. The baby is alive and well and we have our big gender ultrasound in just over 6 weeks! I guess you are never really out of the danger zone until the baby is born and in your arms and you know it's healthy. I still worry everyday that something might happen, but I am trying to be optimistic and positive. We have only told our immediate family also, but I am super skinny and my stomach has completely popped out now. I can barely button my pants! LOL So I guess it's time to make the announcement soon!

OH MYYYYY GOSH THAT IS SOOOO EXCITING I found out yesterday that I am also pregnant!  and yes I took the whole box of tests and had a doctors visit with primary care for unlreated issue and asked to take a pregnancy test there...and yup all 3 test were right I am pregnant!  I am exactly 5 weeks today and I am soooooo nervous as well.  I have a pump but I am waiting for my CGM and I am testing like a maniac :)  I don't have any pregnancy symptoms yet except for being really tired.  We have only told our parents as well.  I am nervous because I did have a mc back in october (I was 8 weeks along) and I am soooo gun shy of being excited.  I have decided to just enjoy the experience and the feeling of accomplishment that I have gotten pregnant after trying for 5 months :)  the less stress you have will be better on your blood sugars and your little bean in your tummy.