Bikram Yoga

Have any of you tried Bikram yoga?? I do it about 3-4 times a week but am not sure if I should leave my pump on due to the temperature.  I have not had a problem yet but just was wondering if anyone else has tried it!

I tried it for the first time this week. Recently got back into yoga after a few years break.  I do take the pump off.  I usually bolus .5 before taking it off to cover what I would have missed.  Been wondering if I even need to being i started to go low at the end.  Yoga, I'll take if off - weight work I'll leave it on.  I must say, this was the first time trying Bikram and it was tough! 

I am going on the pump in September and I also do Bikram yoga a couple times a week. I hadn't thought about taking the pump off or leaving it on. Where do you wear the pump when you are in class? Do you have to move it around? I am thinking about the variety of poses and if you end up lying on it when you are on your back or stomach. It sounds funny, but I am most anxious about wearing the pump so that it's not in the way!

Is the high heat for 90 minutes a problem for the insulin? Does it become denatured?

Hi Emily!!

So I have been doing Bikram for a year and a half and I have always kept my pump in my sports bra.  Only a handful of times I have disconnected it all together but it always spikes when I do that.  Even when I leave it on and insulin is flowing, I end up in the 200's after.  However my blood sugar usually goes down within a coupld of hours.  I insert it on my stomach and have never EVER had a problem :)  Also...I tell each teacher before I go in that I have juvenile diabetes, it has never been a problem in class, but if there is an emergency or I feel shaky,I have to leave.  I hope this helps!!  Oh also I keep glucose right next to me the whole time but sometimes, because it is so hot, I have a hard time telling if I am low or not.  I have never actually been low but like I gets hard to tell.  So like I said..I wear a super tight sports bra and it has NEVER been a problem.  Let me know if you have anymore questions.  Also...where do you do bikram? 

Hey Doug!

So I leave mine on the whole time but like I told Emily I have never had a problem with going low.  I HAVE gone when I was 300, which probably wasn't the smartest thing but when I ended my blood sugar was back to par :)  I must say it is easier for girls to have it on since the sport bra is the best place to hide it and it keeps it secure!  I fell in love with this kind of yoga and thing it is wonderful for diabetes!  

Hey Erika -

Good point.  I have a chest and a leg strap for it but they just don't work that well.  I'd like to leave it on but I feel more free (for lack of a better word) to move without it because I don't have a good strap for it.  I keep breaking my darn belt clips when I do. LOL   I keep it on when I bike and use weights but don't with this.  You are right, it is wonderful for diabetes.  It really opens up your circulation (among other things).   I've had some neck and shoulder issues the past few years and getting over a frozen shoulder.  I thought I couldn't do it but decided to try it again and it really helped.  It just opens you up!  Anyway - enjoy!


Thanks for your insight! Good tip about telling the instructor. There is a strick rule at my studio regarind beverages (other than water) and food in the studio. I usually have my glucose tabs in my bag, but I would really have to be feeling terrible to leave the studio and go get them. I know what you mean about the lows--I can't really tell at the time either. You feel so many things during class (nauseau, dizziness, exhilration), it's hard to tell if you are low. I actually find the same thing when I am swimming. I swim on synchronized swimming team and we work pretty hard, so I generally feel light-headed. I started getting out of the pool halfway through practice and testing my BG. I found it was dropping 5-7 mmol/L during practice! I have now adjusted my insulin. i should test during yoga and see what's going on!

I live in Kithener-Waterloo, Ontario (Canada). Here is a link to my studio: Where do you do Bikram?

Thanks again!


Hey guys! So I just received the omnipod on thursday and have yet to do bikram with my new pump.  My fear is with the omnipod the adhesive will become loose and slide off.  I guess I am just going to have to try it!  I love the omni-pod so far by the way...NO TUBING!


Erika - How has it worked out with the OmniPod?  Do you notice a drop off in the insulin effectiveness due to the heat or is it okay?  I'm still with Minimed so I don't take mine in with me.    

Thx - Doug


I've been doing Bikram for about 8 months, usually 4 times a week, but as much as 7 days a week. I love it and it has changed my life.  I have always just left my pump in the locker room.  My blood sugar usually stays around 150.  I've been hypo once, and hyper a couple times.  I just got the continous glucose monitoring system and brought my pump into the room for the first time.  My question is will the insulin go bad because of the heat?  Please let me know if anyone has any insight.



Doug! I haven't tried it yet...I am so scared of it beeping really loud or falling off....I just need to bite the bullet..I am going to go tomorrow or Tuesday.

Humalog in an external insulin pump should not be exposed to temperature above 98.6°F (37°C), such as in a sauna or hot tub, hot showers, direct sunlight, or radiant heaters.
So I got this from the lilly website...isnt yoga at 105?  I wonder if 7 degrees matters ??

Just so you guys know the moisture from the room gave my Medtronic pump a "button error."  Essentially it got fried.  They are sending out a new one.  This is only the second time I brough it in.  They recomended putting it in a ziploc bag or sock.

Good times with diabetes...

Hey T1 bikram yogiss!

I am going this morning and trying it with my omni pod...I am going to bring lantus with me because I have a strong sense that the pump is going to come off.  I will fill you guys in on what happened with my pump after class!  I am going to tell my instructor before hand that I may have to leave if my pump starts beeping really loud! Let's hope this doesn't happen...

Have a great day!



How did it go?  Does the Omnipod get your way?

My biggest problem is getting the infusion sets and CGM sensor to stay stuck to my body with all the sweating.  I use those those skin tac wipes and the infusion sets are ok for the most part, but I've given up on my continous glucose sensor... it's such a hassle.



Did you switch to the omnipod?? 

I have tried it half a dozen times (as in bikram with my pod) and it was working okay in the beginning.  Then the last few times it comes off the night I do it.  It stays on the entire time however it is later on in the day where the adhesive comes off the actual pod part. :(  Because I love bikram SO much I occasionally use lantus in order to still practice.  I have not tried the skin tac wipes but I just ordered something called matisol which one of my girlfriends told me about.  I guess its a liquid vile and I just ordered some.  I am so frustrated with my pod though because it has fallen off so easily lately!  its more the heavy pod part coming off then the adhesive coming off my body.  Thoughts? GRRRRRRRR....



I apologize also...that should say Jef..not Jeff

This is the one kind of yoga my endo has specifically said not to do with my pump, because of the temps. Very likely it would denature the insulin.