Bionic Pancreas

Have you guys seen this article about the Bionic Pancreas?

Interested in hearing your thoughts about it!

Interesting… I’ve been doing research on the artificial pancreas since first diagnosed. This seems pretty neat and I would be interested to know more about how it specifically works with insulin and glucagon together. It showed a picture of what seemed like a CGM device worn above the skin, I wonder if the whole system is implantable such as the artificial pancreas I assume will be? I was a pump user for 5 years and it did not comply well with my body. I have very sensitive skin and the sites would not adhere well to me or stay on very long without irritation. 9 times out of 10 I would have to end up changing my sites because the tubing would compromise or the catheter portion under the skin would break right above the surface of the skin and would leak sometimes without me even knowing causing spikes in BG. I am weary to ever go back to the pump, even though it is a great product for most T1 diabetics. However the supplies are pricier than injections, so for me personally I was wasting more money changing sites so often that actually benefiting from the pump(That and I liked to use my pump as an excuse to eat poorly thanks to the convenience). Now I’ve been using injections since 2009 and my blood sugars are still not perfect, but who’s are? Still keeping my fingers crossed that the 1st generation artificial pancreas is effective and AFFORDABLE.

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I am one of a handful of people participating in the artificial pancreas clinical trial study out of UVA in Charlottesville, VA. I’ve been a diabetic for 40 years and this device is as close as you can get to being a regular person (aka non-diabetic). Here is a link to a video ( of the system I am using but with many new updates since then. This system does not use glucagon though. If interested in keeping track of our (my sister and I) progress through the next 6 months with the artificial pancreas go to:

Oh my gosh… i want one… lol! Im so gonna read da artical! Thx so much! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

How is this working so far?. Please share your personal experiences with me. I am doing research and have similar setup.

Thank You