Birthday for a newly diagnosed child

Happy birthday to your sweet kiddo. I’m here to offer a different approach. It’s not better or worse, just different. I have a diabetic just-turned-two year old, and we switched to a low-carb diet as a family of 7 (our oldest is 10). We eat all the same things, as low-carb is really a great nutritional standard for anyone. My hubby is also T1D, but we were not low-carb until our baby was diagnosed. There are lots of full-flavor recipe websites out there (Wholesome Yum, All Day I Dream About Food), and we don’t feel deprived living this way. I’d do a homemade cake with sugar-free vanilla whipped cream on top! However you choose to celebrate, I hope you have a wonderful time together!

Hi Maddy and a lot of good advice. This may also be a good way to use the event and special occasion to get some of the critical information you and your son need for managing carbs and equally importantly - different types of carbs. It may be a good time to see how he responds to a certain size of cake and the insulin dose you provide. As you can see the insulin/carb ratio is important and no time like the present to make sure the ration you and your son use is accurate and what his sugars are at 1h and 2h after eating the cake. Best of luck and it sounds like he is in great hands.