My daughter was just recently diagnosed with T1. All of our Birthdays and Holidays are right around the corner! AHH!!! What are some ideas i can do for cakes/cupcakes?? Or is there something else you can do? I have nooooo clue!

She can have a piece of cake or a cupcake on a special occasion. Just count the carbs and correct for them. Did they teach you basal/bolus therapy when she was diagnosed?

I agree with Nikki. You simply bolus properly for the carbs and add a correction later if you "missed". No reason to be separated and ostracized when modern insulins make it so easy to have a treat. I'm not saying eat cake every day, but special occasions are fine. Every kid needs birthday cake!


If you deny your daughter the good things in life she will sneak them anyway. There is no need to anyway. To help with treats try including them in the meal's car count and eat them for dessert at the end of the meal. The insulin will have some time to get working by then too.