Today I turned 16 and I am curious to know what everyone else eats when it comes to Birthday desserts? I know I could eat what everyone else is, since it is once a year but I was windering if anyone had any ideas or a recipe that is more Diabetes friendly? I am planning to celebrate my Birthday this weekend.

Happy Birthday!!  In the past my family's done many different things.  One of my favorites was when my dad made a surgar-free apple tort.  He used Splenda and we topped it with whipped cream.  It wasn't a traditional cake but I liked it and I got fruit in it too :)  Another year I had a sugar free cheesecake with fresh fruit on top.  I know that pudding, even sugar free pudding still has carbs in it (from the milk) but it was a lot less than cake. 

Thanks! :D Those are great ideas, I love apples and cheesecake. Since this is my first Birthday with Diabetes I wasn't quite sure what to have, I used to have a really sweet ice-cream cake or chocolate cake but I don't want to spike my bloodsugar too much and I also want to try and choose healthier options as much as I can. Thank you for the suggestions.  


That said, Pillsbury sugar-free cakes are delicious. They have lots of carbs, so they have to be counted of course, but they taste great and you wouldn't spike and then go low like you would if you ate a piece of sugary cake. However, I'd try it out before your party because foods with sugar alcohols can sometimes give you an upset stomach, especially if you have a really big piece of cake :)

Suger-free/fat-free Blue Bunny ice cream is also really good. There's about 5 grams of sugar, 5 grams of sugar alcohol, and 20ish grams of carbs total (depending on the flavor) in a serving of 1/2 a cup of the ice cream. There are a lot of flavors and, again, it's really good :)

Wow it is your Birthday today? Oops....Happy Birthday!

Happy B-day! What I usually do is buy a sugar free angel food cake from walmart and use fat free cool whip as the icing. I also decorate it with strawberry slices, YUMMMM!!

Happy Birthday !!! I usually just eat regular cake with buttercream icing. I just take a few extra units to cover it. I figure it's my birthday and I'm eating the good stuff, lol.  

Happy Birthday!! :) :)  I usually just eat regular cake or tiramisu (so good!)  I guess tiramisu wouldn't spike your blood sugar as much as regular cake because it isn't quite as sweet and dense, and you wouldn't have to worry about sugar alcohols.  Hope your birthday has been/is awesome!