Bit my tongue

Ok so i know that the feet are needed to be watched but what about the tongue? I almost bit through my toung playing basketball and so i was wondering do i need to watch it closely? Its healed alot already but i was still courious...



Being a lay person with no medical background who can just pass on what little information I can recall and piece together – what follows here may or may not be complete and I am hoping one of our more medically savvy people will chime in… Further, if you have any concerns at all you should probably check with an MD and or local clinic.


Here’s what I suspect: Your risk of infection will be higher for an oral injury (assuming some high blood sugars) for the same reasons that diabetics have a higher risk of dental problems.  High blood sugar + warm, damp environment = fertile breeding ground for nasties (see bacteria).  The counter-balance here is blood flow to your tongue is very unlikely to be impaired so the healing process itself should be pretty good.  I wouldn’t go getting paranoid but knowing that you may heal more slowly and your infection risk may be higher means you should watch your injury closely and get a doc involved at the first sign of infection. 


Are you sure you didn’t need stitches, btw?


Good luck!



Hey Billy! The feet are a big issue for us Ds because of our high risk of poor circulation.  Since there's nothing further from the heart than the feet, they obviously suffer the worst consequences when circulation is an issue. If you DO suffer from poor circulation, and happen to cut your feet, healing time is greatly extended. This can get you in a sticky sitch, because infection, which we can be prone to, can screw up hydration and how your body reacts to insulin, food, and water intake. Blah blah blah, I'm sure you've heard it. Biting your tongue, though really sucky (and I'm sorry you did it!), isn't as dangerous as having a cut on the bottom of your foot. I'd watch it, and make sure your levels keep to what you are used to, but since its already healing that's a very good sign! We have TONS of healthy bacteria in our mouths that aid in fighting off the very infection that can be dangerous for diabetic, so if you had to hurt yourself, I'd say you lucked out. Don't fret! And maybe buy yourself a mouth guard ;)

Good question!