Bleeding from my insuion site

I changed my pump site last night. Everything seemed to be ok until just a couple of minutes ago. I noticed it was bleeding, but not a lot just a little it has happened to me before I just aet something and gave myself the 13 units of insulin I'm suppose to and it did go away. I'm not sure if I should change it or try what I did last time and see if it works again? Has this happened to anybody else and what did you do? It is really frustrating because changing my pump site is not painless it usually does hurt. So changing my site is usually something that i dislike doing.

Bloody sites often don't work for my daughter. If your glucose rises it would be a good idea to change it.

Every once in a while I get a blood site.  It's best to change the infusion site so that you're not infusing right into a vein or artery.  It also leaves a nasty bruise.  I'd also avoid that spot in the future.  

I decided to change my site but now I noticed on my new site that it is getting bruised. It doesn’t hurt but I’m also thinking I should change it

How often do you change sites? A bruised site might be a problem.

Every 3 days. My last site and my current one got bruised so I’m not sure if I’m just choosing wring places or could it be my infusion sets?

where was the last site and where is the current site?

Its on my left side of my stomach

Both sites were on your left side? Maybe try avoiding your stomach area for a few site changes and see if you have the same problem anywhere else. Then try your stomach again (one site on the left, and one site on the right) and see what happens. Your stomach just may not be a good spot for you.

yea I do that, I change it on my left and then my right. This couple of times my sites have been good so I'm not sure I guess it was just my bad luck, thanks for the good advice i will keep that in mind.

I'm scared of getting an insulin pump now D: