Bleeding when I put the Cgm in!

I am going to keep this short but I need help! I have gone through about 8 of the needles for Medtronic that you put in to set up the Cgm and I do it by the book every time, I have started to try going softer and hardly touching the inserter to my skin too but then almost none of the needle goes in. I am at a loss here. I am bad at “sensing” on my own and my sensor use dropped my a1c to almost normal again so I need it! These things are 30/piece and I can’t afford to waste more. Please help!

How much are you bleeding? I bleed everytime, but not to the point where it causes an issue. Where are you putting your sensors in? You might need to change to a spot on your body that is less vascular. I know that it is only approved for your abdomen, buy I actually put mine on the back side of my hip.

I found that it is best to not pinch your skin when inserting, but actually pull it taut. I don't adjust the angle (I use the angle of the inserter).  You have to be careful not to go too shallow because that's where your nerve endings are and it could be a painful insertion. Also, I find that the sensor works best when it is deeper in the skin.

Hope that helps :)

I use my thighs for my CGMS to keep them from bleeding. I use the top of the legs slightly toward the inside. The needle does have to go in all the way to work. I use the feet of the inserter also as a guide. The needle is awful, but the new sensor will be out soon??? and it has a very small short needle and goes in straight. I also cover the whole thing with Opsite Flexifix tape to keep it from wiggling when i exercise or shower etc.

This might be a little late but I had a bad bleeder only once.  I was extremely stressed and tense when I inserted it.  I have to be completely relaxed, silence, deep breath, good pinching of flesh, one wrong move and it hurts the whole time it's in too.

When I use my CGM, I insert it along the upper part of my butt. That is the only place where I have enough fat and the needle is able to go all the way in. Most times I don't even feel the insertion and I try to make sure that the skin is comfortably stretched to insure got insertion. The readings are not always precise, but I have learned to used the readings to my advantage.

Did it used to work for you?  I had a similiar problem and got a new inserter and no more problems inserting.  A late reply to this post, but I hope you have figured out a solution!  

I'm glad to hear a little bleeding is normal. I started my first CGM about two weeks ago, and other than the first insertion done in the presence of my trainer, all three of my other attempts (two stomach, one thigh) have bled, about the size of a lentil bubbling out from under the tape. It doesn't seem to affect the sensor readings, as they have pretty closely matched my glucometer readings. I do get terrible bruises, though, and tonight's attempt has left me sore. Not sure what I'm doing wrong, but I hope with practice it improves - I don't want to get frustrated and quit using them. And yes, their cost makes removing and trying again a non-issue.

Are you using the MM sensors? They are awful to insert, but I have been using them since 2006 and continue because most of the time the readings are correct. We are waiting for the new sensors, the Enlite, to come out, but they have promised them now for a couple of years. I do use my thighs, less bleeding, and I always cover them with opsite flexifix tape. I can keep them going for seven days and often recharge the for another 3 days. Find a place on your body that works best for you. I switch from one leg to the other. I use the thighs slightly toward the inside. Good luck.