Bleh days! :(...Need ENCOURAGEMENT!

So , Today is just one of those days where I just don't want to do ANYTHING. I am soo exhausted from trying to accept the fact that my life has to change..everything has to change. I have had diabetes for almost a year now and still haven't accepted the fact that i have to take care of myself. I haven't been taking care of myself for quite some time now and i know that it only gets worse from here if i dont start soon... but i just don't have the will power to get up and do it. I wanna know what i can do to stop complaining and making up excuses and JUST DO IT.. I also would like some feedback about how to encourage my 21 year old brother to do the same. He's had diabetes for going on 13 years now and hasn't EVER taken care of himself. the doctors have told him that he won't live to 25 and he still doesnt do anything... JUST ONE OF THOSE DAYS WHEN YOU REALIZE THINGS HAVE TO CHANGE !!

hi alissa,

  I am harika.I have had diabetes since the last 9 years.But still it couldn't stop me from going to medical school on a scholarship.I always talk to people like my family,my doctor They always motivate me & help me to perform better in every way.I tell them how I feel when things  are not right.They advice me & it makes me feel better.Just remember that your family is also getting affected because of diabetes emotionally &trust me u would feel better if  u share your feelings with someone u love.They would do just anything to make u feel better.

   Just remove that fear in u.Yes now is the time to overcome that fear.I believe that this life will be more,if we have many adventures in it because they make us stronger.I think these things would help u:

Visit your doc &have a check up & know where u are & what u gotta do to make things better.Know more about diabetes.Plan things & make them work.

Do anything that u love to do everyday.Just rem. to have fun in life.You can do it.

You are not alone.There are many of us living with diabetes happily

Your pal,



I really appreciate your message ! You'll be glad to know that I have been to the doctor and am making up a plan of  how to get back on track! Your message really enlightened me because I have wanted to go to medical school and become a pediatrician since i was 9. Unfortunately, I have a very bad school transcript from the past 2 years . Whenever I found out that I had Diabetes, I stopped going and when  I did go I would sleep the whole time. I don't know , I guess I you could say that I was depressed about having to change everything in my lie, which  shouldn't be the case. Now, i'm not so sure about what  I want to do with my life...... I do know that it feels amazing to have people that I can talk to and vent to that understand what I'm going through. Thank you for giving me that !

Your new friend ,

Allissa ! (: