Blessed with an answered prayer this morning- Positive Pregnancy Test!

I am excited to share that I got a positive test this morning! I suspected something was up as my blood sugars skyrocketed about a week ago for no known reason. One morning, it was over 300. I can probably count on one hand how many times I have been 300+ during the 11 years since being diagnosed. This comes just after spending 6 weeks adjusting my pump settings with a Blood Glucose Manager until around the first week of March. I started my pump and cgm in January and love them both. My A1c went down from 6.7 in December to 6.1 last month! I am optimistic about this pregnancy despite the chemical pregnancy in January. They doctor explained to me it would be unlikely to have another chemical pregnancy. I have spent the last week constantly adjusting my pump settings to keep within my target range. My cgm has been a great help. I scheduled my first OB appointment and am so excited to see my little one in four weeks! My husband and I agreed we want to wait until after the doctor appointment to announce to our family and friends.

Wonderful!! Congratulations! You must be so very excited!

That is sooo exciting! I am happy for you @Hmw! Please post about your pregnancy journey here!

Congratulations and good luck!

Congrats. I have also found out that I am pregnant well 10 weeks now and even though this is my second pregnancy I am scared all over again.

@HMW: Hello! Congratulations! I recently found out I am pregnant as well! I am 6 weeks along. It has been quite the journey to get to where I am, not because of diabetes but fertility issues. I am praying all goes well. When I first found out I was pregnant (when I was 4 weeks) my blood sugar was dropping all the time!! But as I approach my 7th week it is starting to rise! I know normally that happens later. It scares me because I know high blood sugars can cause birth defects. I am just praying to God for a healthy baby. I am doing my best. I try to get it down as soon as possible so it does not stay high. Anyone experience this? Also, what kind all preggo symptoms have you experienced around 6 weeks? When is everyone due? I am due in January 2015.

@Nicole2711 Congratulations to you too!! When are you due? I am due in January 2015. This is my first pregnancy. I looked at your profile and we seem to have some things in common. I am in my 30s as well, and have had diabetes since I was a teenager. How has your blood sugars been for your pregnancies? Mine is starting to go high, and I am only like 6 1/2 weeks now.

@Smile101101 Congratulations! I am due December 17th.

@Nicole2711 Congratulations to you as well!

Thanks! Smile101101 my blood sugars were fairly good for my first pregnancy. My A1C was around 6%. This pregnancy my a1c is 5.8 but I am having a lot more lows. My morning time blood sugars react to carbs way different then my afternoon dinner time. This pregnancy I am requiring more insulin than I did with my daughter. I am 20 weeks now and starting to see another change in my insulin to carb ratio. I am due November 9th.


My son was born Nov. 5! Maybe we will be baby twinies !!My a1c was in the 6’s my entire pregnancy as well! My son was huge at birth even with well controlled BS. 10 pounds 13oz! Hope you ladies are feeling well!!! Congratulations!!!