Blog launch

Hey, all! I am coming up on my first diaversary at the end of the month. I have decided to take the leap and start a blog to recount my experiences (both good and bad) living with T1D.

I was diagnosed at age 26 which seems a little “late in life” for type 1. While we all have our struggles associated with BG levels, tech, etc., being diagnosed as an adult has taken a different impact because I have clear memories of life before my diagnosis. This last year was FULL of firsts for me.

I invite you to follow my journey and share your own!

Facebook and Instagram: @icecreamandinsulin
Twitter: @ICandinsulin
Website: Under construction - Launching Sunday, March 29th!

Have a wonderful weekend and happy pi day!

Wow I would love to visit your website! Congrats!

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@EveBq I’ll be sure to share the link when it’s up and running! :grin: thanks for your support!

Congratulations! I wish you the best. Stay well.

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Hey, any update on getting your blog launched? I’d love to read it!

Hey, @camitchell246!

You can visit the blog at
The first post was Sunday and I intend to post weekly to start. I hope you enjoy!

Yay! Do you have an email list or a way to notify readers of new posts?

No email list… yet. I am still very new to running a website and learning all the tricks of the trade. I typically post on social media when there is a new post. Trying to consistently post on Sunday mornings though and keep that as a routine.

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Would you like help with anything? I set up my own website from scratch and can probably save you some trouble figuring out things on your own.