Blood Glucose Survey

Hi everyone,
A friend of mine is speaking before FDA on March 17 regarding home blood glucose meters used at home in the United States.   If you would you be so kind as to answer this survey.  It should take less than 10 minutes. After you take it, would you be so kind as to forward it to people with any form of diabetes that you know who use, or have a loved one who uses, a blood glucose meter. 

Thank you so very much.
Here's the survey:
Here's the link for where she will be presenting

Done :)

I had to reply "no" to about all of those "knowledge" questions at the end. Oops. Is there anyone who isn't newly diagnosed who actually answered those "yes"?

lol I answered no to the high low one only. I am not sure if Rileys meter tells us if she is high or low.

And, done!  The only ones I was sure about had to do with wording...  I didn't know if "the individual using the glucose meter" was intended to mean ME, or "the average person" who is diabetic.

Oh, I didn't think of that. I took it to mean me.

Grayson and I completed it. Glad to participate.

done and done.

Thanks Guys, I appreciate it!

Did it.  So who else changes their lancet 1-4 times per year? ;)

Done.  I had no idea if "not applicable" meant I don't have it (like a PDM), or if I should just say "not important" because I didn't want it. 

<-- this girl right here rarely remembers to change to her lancet.

[quote user="Molly"]

Did it.  So who else changes their lancet 1-4 times per year? ;)


I am raising my hand. Opps got to go grandaughter up!!!