Blood gushing from site

I had my first experience with a gushing site when I removed the old one from my side/stomach.  My wife went nuts when she first saw it because she thought something was wrong and I told her that others have had it happen before.  Has anybody else experienced this before?  In this case, it only bled for about a minute or so and then it stopped.  I put triple antibiotic on it and a band-aid and now it's all good.

Yes, I have had that happen to me. It freaked me out as well! I think it was because I left the site in for 3-1/2 days and was very active during those days. I am not really sure why it happens either. Anyone?

You hit a blood vessel when you initially inserted the reservoir. 

I have had this happen many times and yes anyone who is around seems to freak out to a degree. You hit a blood vesal is all. It looks like a lot of blood mainly because of the insulin thinning out the blood. I just try to remember where/which sites I have had this happen and then just try to avoid them. I just apply preasure for about a minute and then just clean it up and go, I don't even bother with the band-aid.

I have had this happen a couple of times before and yes my mom started freaking out. She was like "Oh no you need to go to the Hospital!" It was really funny.

It is interesting that we diabetics seem to take things like this much calmer that our close relations.  I remeber it happening to me, and not realizing it.  I noticed some blood droplets on the floor.  It was quite colorful.  If it wasn't my blood I probably would have freaked out!

Actually, to correct Monique, you hit a capillary when you inserted your cannula.  And because you had such a good seal, the blood had nowhere to go until it was removed!  It's the same thing that occurs when you bruise around the insertion site.  It's a bummer, but the bruising is usually worse for me because there's so much blood in the field that the insulin doesn't absorb and I wind up with artificially inflated glucose readings. 

I agree with Dan - I am so much more calm about blood than my friends.  But I don't panic and use antiseptic/germicide on everything, either...  Blood from the insertion site gets a tissue and some pressure and once it's stopped, I don't think on it anymore.

That's only happened to me twice. The first time I thought I was going to faint because it was a lot of blood. I was so scared. But I got a towel and held it there for about 5 minutes or so and it stopped. 

This only happened to me once and it was when I took out my very first site. It was my first time with the pump and for the three days I wore the site it was really sore and uncomfortable, but I figured that was normal since I didn't know any better... wrong. I remember standing in the kitchen with my t1 sister getting prepared to take the site out and being sooo afraid to do it.  She tried to comfort me saying that its just like peeling off a bandage and not a big deal. When I finally got the courage to take it off, I took a deep breath, peeled it off, and that's when it started gushing blood lol, it bled for 10 minutes and stained the waist of my jeans. I was freaked out  when taking them off for a few weeks after that, but I got over it and no crazy gushers ever happened again. And now I know if the site hurts, there's usually a problem and it should be removed sooner than later. Did your site have pain or any weird symptoms before you took it off and it went wild?

I'm  on the Omnipod, and it has happened to me once when I removed it to change it.  I had it on my arm (which is where I always wear it).  Kind of freaked me out at first but I just put pressure on it for a couple of minutes and it quit.