Blood pressure

Hi there. I am 40 yrs old and I’ve been diabetic for about twenty years now and have held an a1c less than 7, and I haven’t had any complications from the disease thus far. I recently had my annual bloodwork done and my doctor said my labs were fantastic. CBC, a1c, kidney function, cholesterol etc. I have however had elevated blood pressure the last few visits, My doctor recommended I monitor it at home for three months and then provide him the results. It’s been averaging anywhere from 115 to 125 on the top and mid 80s on the bottom. My doctor indicted he might recommend lisinopril (5 mg) depending on my readings I have after the three month term. I’ve never taken any medication other than insulin as I’ve not needed it so I’m a little anxious about it, I’m wondering if anyone else my age has experienced elevated blood pressure (I feel like 40 is young for it) and if so what bp medication their doctor prescribed and if there were any side effects, I’ve read some people have been dizzy after starting a medication for blood pressure and that’s a slight concern of mine. Thanks so much!

I am much older, but developed elevated blood pressure in my early 60s. Otherwise healthy. I suggest following your doctor’s lead, and take a Med if you’re not falling inside the recommended guides. A lot of people, including me, are allergic to lisinopril, so if you start it, be on the lookout for an annoying cough that doesn’t go away. Good luck!

I pick up the high blood pressure when I was in my 30s and was told it was common for Type 1.