Blood sugar affected by illness

So, if you've ever had your blood sugar affected by illness, I want to hear from you.  My son recovered from the flu almost three weeks ago.  When he got sick, his BS went high (running 103 fever).  Since then, we've not been able to get his blood sugar back down to a normal range.  I think he needs a change in his nightly Lantus dose, and as soon as he gives me numbers, I'm faxing them to his endo.  Maybe the honeymoon is ending?  So my question is if you had high BS from a fever-inducing illness, how long after you got well did it take for things to return to normal?

Just a personal experience here, but last I got sick with a fever for several days and other flu-like symptoms, it did have an effect on my blood sugar, but not too long lasting. Usually, it takes a few days, up to a week at the most, especially if there are lingering symptoms. Once I was back on my feet and feeling better, my BG went back to normal. :)

It happens to me when I get really sick, usually once a year.  My BS returns to normal within a few days of all my symptoms being clear.  Just keep myself hydrated with fluids and monitor it closely.  A couple units to counteract the obscenely high sugars.