Blood sugar affected by illness

So, if you've ever had your blood sugar affected by illness, I want to hear from you.  My son recovered from the flu almost three weeks ago.  When he got sick, his BS went high (running 103 fever).  Since then, we've not been able to get his blood sugar back down to a normal range.  I think he needs a change in his nightly Lantus dose, and as soon as he gives me numbers, I'm faxing them to his endo.  Maybe the honeymoon is ending?  So my question is if you had high BS from a fever-inducing illness, how long after you got well did it take for things to return to normal?

Hi Angie. My sugars usually return to normal pretty quickly after being sick, esp once I'm eating normally again. Three weeks does sound long to have affected him. I would guess you're right that it's something else that affected his insulin requirements. (Unless he had a remaining bacterial infection caused by congestion, but I bet you would have noticed something like that by now!)

Could I take a totally random guess that is based on nothing but my conjecture? If he was still honeymooning b/c of remaining insulin production, could the recent flu have killed off more beta cells? Just me thinking out loud...