Blood Sugar Flucuations and Birth Control Pill

Does anyone have any issues with blood sugar flucuations when you are off the birth control pill?  I am not talking about going off completely but when you have the week off for your period.  When I don't take my pill for a few days I start to experience lows.  My doctor is confused because she said normally people tend to have higher sugars.  I take my pills continuously to avoid this but there are times when I have to go 3-4 days without a pill.

Hi Kristin,

I think you will find that this is not uncommon!

This is a very common experience, at least from my perspective and other diabetics I have talked to.  There are both high and low periods.  I have been on the pill for the past 5 years and every month when I start the sugar pill part of the pills my blood sugars go higher and I have to increase insulin, then a couple days later when my actual period starts (or a day or so before), my blood sugars go low, so I have to reduce my insulin.  So basically it is high before, and low during your period.  I am sure there is variation between people, so some may only have highs, others just lows, or variations in between.  It is just a matter of figuring out those fluctuations and addressing them as they come.  Knowing about it beforehand can help you roughly adjust each month, when you know it will be coming.

Hormones are wonderful at making your sugars go weird for sure.  I actually recently stopped the pill, as we are trying to conceive, and about a week after being off of it my sugars dropped significantly for about a week (I was doing WAY less insulin), then returned more to normal - I think it had to do with my body adjusting to not having the regular dose of hormones from the pill.

So don't worry, and just try and plan as much as you can and fine tune when it comes.  Such is the life of diabetics!