Blood Sugar Testing Sites

What sites do you use to test-Fingers are the ones used most I think..

TOES! :) My fingers got tired.

     I use my fingers and my forearms.  The only problem is when the forearm bruises it looks like a track mark.

Fingers. But sometimes my arm... I would use my arm more if I could find that darn cap-thing for the needle, you know? But alas, it's MIA.

Hey, did anyone else hear that you can test your palms?! I learned that recently from a handbook given to me along with a OneTouch UltraSmart meter. I've never heard that before, but apparently diabetics can also test the area under the thumb and along the palm under the pinky finger?

Forearms and legs.  I hardly ever do fingers anymore.  Hurts too much.  If you haven't tried the Freestyle and testing on your forearm you should.  It's totally painless and never hurts for a few days after like fingertips can sometimes do.

I've never gotten into these alternative sites -- just do my fingers. They are so calloused, so nope, they don't hurt. The only time I had a problem was when I was pregnant and testing like 15-20 x/day. I'd touch the end of a finger the wrong way and blood would go squirting into the air from all different holes. It was a fun party trick of course.

I test at least 12 times a day and I always use my fingers. I have no calluses from testing, but if you look close enough it looks like I have tiny splinters on the sides of all my fingers.