Blood sugar troubles


My name is Cassidy and I have had diabetes for 8 years and I was just curious if any one else has been having BG troubles lately? I have been all over the place either really low (I went to 20) or in the 300’s nothing really stable any tips on how to keep it more stable?


Hi Cassidy @cassin24, in what phase is the moon? I usually don’t blame things like the moon, but I have just gotten through almost exactly what you are experiencing. During the period 03 Jan to 07 January I had BGL ranging from 160 to 350 mg/dl [8.9 to 19.5 mmol/L] even after increasing my pump basal to sick-day [+25%], eating practically nothing and taking correction bolos several times each day.

Turns out I had a couple of incidents converge. a dislodged canula, a crinkled canula and “suspect” insulin. Even after replacing everything I remained High" even with correction bolus [using needle and syringe] so I reverted to something I don’t recommend unless you are being VERY observant and have a knowledgeable person nearby. An endocrinologist had instructed me in this on a prior occasion.

I took an unusually large bolus with a needle and syringe and watched [constant CGM and BGM monitoring] my BGL slide from 367 to 100 mg/dl [about 20 to 5.5 mmol/L] over a period of 9 hours. This method can be dangerous and should only be done when you are not alone and have some one who can remedy anything that might happen. Be careful.

Hi Cassidy, I’ve had diabetes for the last 28 years and I have pretty much always been “all over the place” . I just say my body is incredibly sensitive to everything, including hormonal changes, emotions, activity, etc, etc etc. I ended up in the ER Monday night because my blood sugar was 202 when I left work and I gave a corrective bolus. I went immediately after work to a hair appointment and then went to the grocery store. The last thing I remember is leaving the store and the next thing I know, I was lost and had NO idea where I was. I must have blacked out while I was driving and called 911, only b/c I knew I needed help, but I was so far gone it never occurred to me I might have low blood sugar until I called them. So scary. I know I need a Dexcom and I’m working on that.