Blood Sugar: Who's had the highest?

So, i was wondering, how high were you, at your highest?

There might be another one like this, but i can't find it. O well.

Tell! Tell! Tell!

Mine was 1351 baby!!! that's right! 1-3-5-1!!! ketones babe! ketones!!!

We'll see who's the winner at the end of the week!

tell even if it's under 1351, EVERYONE TELL!!!!!!!!!!

:D :P :) :-*  <3 ya!!!

well, you beat me. i was only 1028.  but i've never been in a coma!!

niether was i, but i was so close!!!



I know I was just over 850 when I was diagnosed...  Sheesh - feel like I hardly even rate.... :(




You guys must have felt HORIBLE.

Mine's only 469

Mine was high enough it wouldn't register on the machine they were using...not sure what the actual number was...however I was in the hospital for diabetic ketoacidosis. The nurses and doctors were very impressed with me...for whatever reason when my blood sugar goes that high I'm not lethargic or tired...instead I get really giddy and happy and start to talk...a lot. But none the less it was high!

Hi Heather,

My bloodsugar didn't read on the machine either! They had to break out the heavy duty monitor. Haha. I really don't remember feeling sick or lethargic either.  I was just scared because I didn't know what was going on since I was so young.

yeah mine didn't give an exact number, but they said their machine read up to 850 so it must have been over that. I don't really know. I was hallucinating a bit though, it was kind of trippy.

Mine was 1141 and i didnt go into coma because god layed his hands on me. I was very sick vomiting and lost 5 pounds in one week. My mom thought i had a virus.

Wow haha, my highest was when I was first diagonosed at 854.

I believe it was 530 something, probably 8 or 9 years ago. When I was diagnosed it was only in the 200's because I was in the honeymoon period.

My highest is around 600. It was when my pump site went in wrong and I didn't realize it!

I got two HI on my blood meter once and at the ER CRITICAL  HIGH not sure what the actual numbers were. my highest meter reading was 569 because my pump site went bad without me knowing.

Wow. I guess I was diagnosed really early. The highest I've been is 331.

I've gotten the "HI"  reading a few times, and I've been in the 500's and lower on my meter.  I think the "HI" reading is for anything over 599.

So has everyone had pretty good blood sugars except for one or two 500's?  If so, i feel bad.  Because I've definitively been in the 500 and 400 many times, however I guess it is many times in the past 7 years.

I've had plenty of bad sites, or my personal favorite is when i found out what that weird ringing noise was a few hours after first hearing it. It was my pump displaying "NO DELIVERY" which was a pretty good explanation for my unusually high reading after noticing that!

I hate being high though, the constant thirst and bathroom trips, and that weird feeling you get in your muscles like intense pins and needles-ish feeling.

I was diagnosed 25 years ago, so can't recall what the initial bg was at that time.  (They may have only told my mom.)  I don't think I've ever exceeded the maximum on my AccuChek, but I have been in the 400s and 500s before.    Usually that happens when something goes wrong with the pump.  With short acting insulin only, those bg levels can shoot up fast in those cases.  For some reason, my 722 doesn't seem to be as sensitive about insertion site problems as the 508 was.

My highest was around 550. It was when I went on a cruise and really wasn't looking after myself, but it eventually came down :) It really scared me though because I thought that was super high for anybody...guess I was wrong. I've never even heard of anybody's sugar being in the 1000's! 

ryanq- You are NOT alone!  I have been in the 400's and higher more than I want to admit!  Mine has also been over the past 7 years, but still sucks.

I went through a REALLY bad rebellion/denial stage in my late teens, and was hospitalized for DKA about every other month.  I became SO used to seeing high numbers it was nothing.  And I had an excuse for each one! Terrible I know. 

I have no idea what my highest has been.  Each time I was really bad in the hospital for DKA I was way too out of it to remember anything.  I'm sure I was pretty up there the time I almost didn't make it.  but I didn't ask!  Thank God for my pump! And growing up. Haha

lets see... i was diagnosed at 711

And i am very allergic to milk and if i accidently consume it my sugar goes up to 550, no stopping it.

Jealous of people with good sugars* 


you are not alone.  i've had plenty of highs for many reasons.  i think the worst, however, is when you wake up to the beep beep beep of you pump after sleeping with it on suspend for 7 hours.  i really just want to kick myself when that happens.  some of the diabetics on here can be pretty intimidating ;) when it seems like they have perfect control and i still have major highs and lows!