Blood Sugars on the Fritz!

So for the past two years I've been on extremely high doses of insulin because of severe complications I had two years ago after I went DKA. (I was on 5 units of insulin per carb and a constant 1.8 basal rate) About two weeks ago I started having these really bad lows constantly. I would wake up from a half and hour nap at 50, even when I had eaten something before I went to sleep. Every night at about 2 or 3 am I have been very very low, and then wake up low by 6 am for school after eating to correct my previous low blood sugar. However, most days by lunch time I have been around 400, but then by 2 pm before I go to dance team practice after school, I would be extremely low again.

Two days ago my doctor changed my doses drastically and that seems to be helping slightly. I'm now on 5 units per carb at breakfast and 3 units for lunch and dinner. My basal rate is changed to 1.4 in the middle of the night, 1.8 from breakfast time until lunch time, and then 1.6 from lunch time until midnight where it changes back into 1.4.

Has anyone had this problem suddenly spring up? Cause I feel terrible and worn out all the time lately because my blood sugar is all over the place. Please Help!!