Blood sugars transmitting to a blackberry or Iphone

My daughter is on a mini-med pump, but really haven't looked at the latest technology in the past 3 years and was thinking about this last night.

Are there any glucose monitors or pumps out there that transmit bloodsugar readings/boluses from far away to one's blackberry/ipone ??

I was thinking about this last night as I am preparing to send my 3rd grader to school next week- like thinking, it would be great if when she goes to the nurses office for morning snack and lunch tests/boluses, if when she tested it just automatically transmitted the numbers to my phone.

Then I thought, maybe there is something like that or one of you know a company is working on that feature. 

Please advise.

Is there anything out there like this--that would be great to have..

haven't heard from any of you so am going to call medtronic on Tuesday and inquire with them and suggest it to their R&D department.

I'll keep you posted.


There are ones for the iphone but not blackberry. I am running out the door right now but, I will find them for you when I get home later.

There are a few apps out there for the ipod touch/iphone. However, I do not think that any of them connect directly to the phones or devices. I have two apps on my itouch, however I need to plug the stuff into the app if I want to use it.

That would be a great advancement.  I think that would require a new pump with bluetooth or something.  I have a great app on my phone, but yes, you have to input it.  If you could get the blood sugars on your phone, would you be able to help in any way?  Hopefully if she gets low or anything, the nurse will contact you, right?  it must be hard with her being so young.  I was 11 and although i had a pretty level head about it, it was scary when i'd never even heard of diabetes.  With such a pro-active mother, I'm sure your daughter is going to be just fine.  Even though my parents' were probably scared stiff every time I walked out of the door, they never really let me see that.  And it was probably one of the best things they could have done for me.  I never let diabetes stop me from pursuing my dreams and goals.  i've had diabetes for 24 years now with no complications (touch wood).  I feel very fortunate. good luck.  i'm glad this site is here to help us all figure things out.  take care.

Could you just ask the nurse to text the numbers to you?