Blood Sugars When Driving

For  those of you with licenses, have your endos or parents put any limits on your blood sugar for when you're driving?  We weren't aware of any kind of recommended range when I first started driving, so we just kind of made up one that would be good for me.  It's much broader than my target range, but it's to keep me "under control" when I'm on the roads.  Anyone else have one of these "driving ranges"?  Think it's a good idea, bad idea?

I just have my permit, so I'm not really "driving" yet, but I've talked to my mom about blood sugar and driving. We know someone that got into a MAJOR car accident (died while in recovery) because her blood sugar went low behind the wheel, car flipped twice after hitting a tree... but she didn't have any glucose with her either to bring it up.

We decided that I would have to test my sugar before I drive, make sure it's at a good level, and keep glucose tablets, juice, and granola bars next to me at all times. And also that if I were to start to go low, I would pull over, test, and eat.

The "driving range" (sounds like golf... haha) is a good idea though. I might start using that!

I too have my permit and I have a range also a higher than normal!!

Also, there is a sticker you can buy to alert cops that you are diabetic. I once had a friend you got pulled over whan she was low. The cop thought she was drunk and she collapsed (she's fine thank g-d)!!!!

Good luck!!!

I was just able to drive by myself last Friday, and I have already stocked my car with diabetic super supplies! I got out of school the other day with a blood sugar of 59, and it took forever to get it up to a normal level. Basically, I sat in my car for about 20 mins. just sitting there drinking apple juice and eating granola bars. :)  There is no way anyone could ever be able to drive with a low blood sugar! Before I start the car I usually like it to be around 100... but thats not always possible with those crazy highs.

I don't have my licence or permit yet ( or anything close ) but i have never thought about how diabetes could affect my driving. Thanks for informing me for the future.

My parents wont even let me look at the car unless im in range.

If I'm low after school, I sit in my car and jam to the radio and drink some juice or eat something. One time my friend came over and said," I knew you were low cuz I could hear you from the other side of the parking lot."