Bloodless glucose monitor?

Yesterday my dad told me that a company had called to advertise the new bloodless glucose monitor. I think it is too good to be true I do know that there is such a thing that is still waiting for the FDA to approve, but honestly I do not believe it is out there for diabetics to use. Have any of you heard of this before?

in 2001 there was a thing called a GlucoWatch Biographer.  it is easy to look up, it was terrible and the device was dropped.  There has been infrared technology for 4 years, but no one has been able to push a usable device through the FDA so far.  the coolest one I heard of was a infrared retina scanner, you look into a pair of "binoculars" and it tells you your bs.  again, no approvals yet, in manufacturing terms that means a minimum of 3 years wait in the US (don't forget this is in addition to the 4 years the IR technology has been out).  :/

Praying there will be a bloodless glucose monitor SOON now that I have a type one kid!