Bloodshot eyes?

Has anyone woke up in the middle of the night with bloodshot eyes? I did twice last week, both times my bloodsugar was above 10mmol/L. Trying to narrow it down as to the cause. I take allergy eyedrops for hayfever and they weren't itchy, so I've ruled that out. I also had been drinking lots of water so I couldn't have been dehydrated or anything.

Hey Batts-

You should probably call your doctor to rule out any troubles.  

The eyedrops could be causing the problem.  Sometimes when you stop using them it makes your eyes look terrible until they readjust.

People can get blood shot eyes from high blood pressure too.  Since blood pressure is higher when blood sugars are high, it could be your higher blood sugar causing those little eye vessels to engorge and look red.    10mmmol/L  (180) isn't bad, but I know for myself I feel higher and worse when I'm 9.0 - 10.6mmol/L (160-190) than I do if I'm 11mmol/L (300+).  

It's probably nothing, but check with you doctor to verify.

Take care. -Jenna

My allergy eye drops caused red eyes, but it was all the time. Eye dr switched types, and now it's better.

I take my eyedrops daily otherwise I am sneezing and have itchy eyes all day so it can't be from not using them. It happened again but this time I was low when I woke up in the middle of the night.

I will have to book another eye appt in september when i go home for a visit. I had them checked in march and had no signs of any problems. When I went to the clinic to get a form signed saying my diabetes was under control (drivers licensing thing) my blood pressure was fine =/

I need to call my endo and see if the referral to an endo in Vancouver has been sent yet. I was suppose to go home to Vic to see him a few weeks ago but had just started a new job so I couldn't take the time off =/

10 is pretty typical for me, but i know it's considered "high". my range is 6-10 vs the 5-7.