Bloody Sites :(

Hey everyone,

I was just wondering how often you get bloody sites, and if it happens right after you insert them or anytime during the 3-day life span. I put one in my butt on Thursday afternoon and late Friday night I noticed it was bloody. Put in a new one, which apparently failed (good thing I woke up at 3 to check my bg--- it was 350) because I did a correction and stayed right at 350 until 6:30, when I relented and put in a second new site and finally came down to 150 at 9 this morning.

I've been getting 1 or 2 bloody sites per month, and I'm just wondering if that's normal... it's very frustrating and I hate it when I can't get a good night's sleep because of failed sites/high bgs. I use the Quicksets with the Serter, so I feel like it should give me a uniform insertion. If they do bleed, it's never in my stomach, and usually not my butt but occasionally. Most of the time if I get a bloody one it's in my leg.

Opinions on this? Am I just on a bad luck streak here? Any ways to anticipate and avoid hitting blood vessels? I mean I try, but it's clearly not good enough...



I used Quick sets when I started pumping in June, 2007. I had a few bloody sites like you. There were also some kinks and the site would pull part way out of my body. Very high blood sugar when that happens. I started using Sure-T infusion sets and have not had any bloody sites or kinks since Sept, 2007. The Sure-T's are sold by Minimed for their pumps. The metal needle is 6 mm long (approx a quarter inch) and they are inserted manually, straight in, perpendicular to the body surface. I will never use anything but Sure-T's.

Personally, the closer I got to my belly button with the insertion site, the more I tended to have a bloody site. I tried moving the sites out to the side more (to my "love handles") and I have not, for several years, had a bloody site. I guess because there is a little more fat there ;) Of course if that is where you are already placing  your site, I'm not much help.. I've never tried my leg. Even with needles, I would bleed and bruise like crazy!


I also use the Quick-sets, and have for years.  I agree with Lindsay- your sites might be getting bloody simply because they're in your legs.  Now I can't say that for sure because I don't put mine in my legs, but I seems to remember from doing shots that it bled a lot more from my leg than from my stomach.  I usually put my set in my stomach, or on my "love handles" around towards my back.  Maybe try not putting any in your legs for a while and see if that helps?  Have you asked your endo about it?  I had an allergic reaction to the Soft-sets a few years ago, and my endo helped me figure out which set to try.

If they're still bloody, maybe try switching sets like Richard suggested?  Good luck!

I've noticed my butt seems to have more blood sites/sensors than any other part of my body. Not sure why that is, but I use it less often because of that. (Which is too bad because I have plenty of squish there!) :o)

I used to use my legs more than I do now. I should start doing that again, but anyway, we were trying to find a different kind of site I found one I really liked but then when I used my legs I would always get ketones the second day after I changed it. I would say that it is just not a good kind of site for legs. I would suggest either not using your legs or trying a different kind of site. :) Hope this helps!


I have used my legs the last eight months and have only had maybe 4 or 5 'gushers', but not enough of an issue to cause me to go back to my belly. 

Thanks for the imput guys.

Unfortunately... I'm really partial to the idea of a serter so I don't think I'm going to switch to a manual site. I get stressed out enough with the quickserter.

Never tried my hips before, maybe I should.... especially since my stomach doesn't seem to be taking in insulin very well these days (overuse?) I might try that spot too.

My endo actually suggested my legs because my stomach was failing. So that's why I've been using my legs. Yeah I really think I'll try my hips though because I'm always looking to minimize scar tissue.

I'm not sure why my butt gets bloody sites... it's where I have the most fat, the only reason I can think of is because I sit or lean on it... not really sure?

I really wish this was a little more precise of a science... don't you hate not knowing what's going on under your skin? It's like, is this site going to work or fail? And then if your bg is high you have to guess if it's working or not...

I can deal with diabetes most of the time but there's those times that really test my patience that really get to me.

Hey Amanda!

I just started the pump about 5 months ago (with the Quicksets) and I was having the same issues! My stomach was not working nor was my booty. Failed sites all the time! It was so annoying. And yes, I had gushers. Glorious gushers! Have you tried different sets? I switched to the Sure Ts back in July-August and I haven't had any issues since. I'm pretty lean to be honest and I lost like 14 pounds over the summer so perhaps its due to you hitting muscle verses fat . That was my issue anyway. I called medtronic and asked (okay moreso demanded) samples until I got this issue resolved. I used my butt with the quicksets but I just got annoyed after a while. Call medtronic technical services. Thats what they are there for. They sorta became my new bfffs after the summer. 

oh yeah with the Sure Ts I still get some bloody sites but it heals within like 2 minutes. I just dab some neosporin (sp) on it and call it a day.  


Good luck! 



You might also try the 6mm canula (the size for kids and lean people) that works with the quicksets.   

Some people use their arms for infusion sites, but seems like the tubing is always in the way. 

Amanda, I have been injecting for over 20 years and still fret over the idea of not using a serter!  After injecting in my butt with the quickset, I lost a bit of blood and passed out.  Clearly it was time to try something else! 

The Sure-T is well worth the try.  Even though I inject slowly when I do it manually, the Sure-T worked fine.  In spite of my concerns about my little one hurting me with an actual needle in my body, that problem has not surfaced. 

Ask Medtronic if they are developing a serter for the Sure-T. 

I too had bloody sites, bruising, and pain.  My favorite site is my thigh (because of the extra fat) and my least favorite is my stomach.  I usually bleed and the quickset ALWAYS failed in my stomach.  If you think you are overusing your stomach, leave it alone for 30 days (as hard as that is) so it can heal properly.  If you are having unexpected lows after the site seems to not work for hours, that may be a sign of overuse.  Ask your endo if that could be an issue with your stomach as well. 

Jenna- I actually am on the 6 mm sets; it's all I've ever used. Thought about trying my arm but as you say it seems like the tubing would be in the way. It's already sometimes obnoxious in my leg; I have to think about it every time I use the bathroom whereas when my site is in my stomach I don't have to worry about that.

Interesting that a lot of you have had success with sure-Ts. Will contact Medtronic about a serter for those. If anyone is reading this thread-- have you heard of a serter for the Sure-Ts?

I'm constantly getting bloody sites...  Medtronic said that I probley hit a capilary... Yesterday I got one and blood went into my site through my tubing.. It normally only goes into my site. It freaked me out though...

I get bloody sites sometimes and it just doesnt stop!! Is there anything that i could put on the site to make sure it doesn't bleed??

I have used nothing but my stomach for 12 years.  I occasionally get bloody sites, but not too often.  I have been wanting to try different sites (because my stomach looks awful), and just this past week I tried my upper thigh.  At first I thought it was working great - it didn't hurt at all and the insulin seemed to be absorbing the same as it did in my stomach.  When I took the site out after three days, however, it got sore, red, and swollen, though it didn't bleed.  I tried the other thigh anyway, and this one is slightly sore.  I'm afraid it's going to be the same when I take it out. I've seen that many of you mention the butt.... where do you put it?  Do your pants rub on it and irritate it?

[quote user="Brianna"]. I've seen that many of you mention the butt.... where do you put it?  Do your pants rub on it and irritate it?


To find a spot on my butt, I sit down and figure out a spot where I sill not be sitting on it.  Also, a spot that I can reach without too much trouble...  I'm not as flexible as I used to be!  I don't necessarily need to inspect the site visually, but I want it to be relatively easy to connect and disconnect.  I don't find my clothing to be a challenge but I do keep the placement in mind when I'm dressing and undressing.