Bluetooth and g6

Any advice??? My Bluetooth won’t connect to my iPhone. I forgot the device trying to restart my expired sensor and here I am hours later with it not working and a new sensor that now won’t connect. Frustrated!!!

Try going through all the usual troubleshooting steps–restart your phone (I recommend a hard restart), turn Bluetooth off and back on, delete and redownload the app, etc. If it still doesn’t work after all that, you can call Dexcom customer support and they’ll help you get it figured out!

We had a similar incident a while back. I went through the set up steps on the phone and did selected the “Start Sensor” option, which made me a little nervous, but it worked just fine.

I use the G5, not the G6 but will share this as a possibility.
I use my tslim pump as my receiver but had to go off it for a few days, so I switched to the handheld receiver. Again, the device is different but this could be a possibility. When I switched back to the pump receiver I had to “disconnect” from the handheld. It turned out to be more than a matter of turning it off - I had to enter a fake serial number or something in the handheld device. Dexcom support walked me through and I got back on track with my pump receiver.