Blurry vision after just starting insulin?

Wow Bill… that’s awesome! Good to know u r doing much better!

Hi @Kewlz Enna. Welcome to TypeOneNation and the forum.

When you have high blood sugar, the water retained by your eyes changes, which changes the shape of your eyes, which affects your focus. When your blood sugar changes such as when you start taking insulin, your eyes will return to normal but you will again have trouble with focus. Happens to a lot of us. It goes away with controlled blood sugar. Hope you are doing ok and have access to a good medical team. Cheers.

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I don’t know all the technical explanations for it, but I do know it happened to me.

I could not read anything without a magnifying glass. I was in the Marines stationed in Japan and my buds had to read my letters from home to me because I couldn’t. It lasted a while. Then probably after a month or so it cleared up and has been fine ever since.