Blurry Vision

Has anyone sufferred from blurry vision? I just went to the eye doctor 2 months ago for my check up with no problems except a slight change in perscription. Now I keep seeing black dots and lines which I have been told is normal any way for everyone, but my left eye seems to be getting blurry from time to time. I was Dx'd this February and not sure what is normal and what is not. I have no pain. This is been going on for about 3 days. Should I go to the eye doctor or will it go away?

If your blood sugar is high it can mess up your vision.  Also if your blood sugars were consistently high and are now lower, that can mess up your vision temporarily.  So try to keep your blood sugars as normal as possible. 

If you're concerned, you might want to see a doctor.  Most people with D see a diabetes eye specialist once a year, if they can. 


I'd at least call your eye doctor. If you were dx'd in Feb, then any blurry vision relating to getting your average BG down *should* be over by now. (Assuming you went from a higher A1C to now a lower one in the first 3 mos and are now either stable or not still dropping drastically in A1C.) Lots of things with eyes don't hurt (detached retina) but are very serious.

I made an appointment just in case. My A1's were 13.1 when diagnosed got them to 5.9 last month check up 6.5. BS is usually under fairly tight control which is why I was not sure what was going on. Thanks for the advice I will just have them checked again.

Saw the eye Dr and glad I did. Actually had three tears in my retina. I had surgery done a week ago so far a success. It had nothing to do with diabetes.

Glad to hear your surgery went well ! That's great news.