Blurry Vision

My right eye has been blurry all weekend, I am hoping that it’s nothing too serious. In the past my doctor told me that I had very mild retinopathy and that it shouldn’t be anything to worry about but, now I am worried because it’s affecting my vision. I hope that I didn’t get burst blood vessels! Has this happened to anyone?

Did you call your dr? I’ve had days like that where I freak myself out that it’s retinopathy, but it turns out that my contact was inside out! My eye dr has always said to call ASAP if there is an issue. Hope everything is ok!


My eyes are FINE! He said when you have fluctuating blood sugars it can sometimes play tricks on your eyes. Oh Joy!

I know this was posted a while ago but I’ve experienced retinopathy and just wanted to let others know how to tell when it’s actual burst blood vessels versus effects of high sugar or blood pressure. You’ll see dark, opaque, squiggle lines or spots. You won’t be able to see through them so it’ll impair your vision. Mine happened while driving on the highway on the way to work and I’ll admit that it was really scary!

Glad to know that yours wasn’t that!