Body modifications

I thought I'd start this discussion in the "adult" group cuz well..teens aren't really old enough to be getting most things done!

I remember my mom always trying to keep me from piercings/tattoos(and still does) by telling me that my healing time was going to be too long and it would effect my diabetes. I have yet to have any problems with my diabetes/blood sugars while healing..and rarely have they taken longer than the usual amount of time. I'm always really on top of things and at the first sign of infection, I go to the doctor, so I think that's why and as long as I keep doing that, I should be fine.

I have three tattoos and ten piercings. I have a bat on my lower back that's about the size of a football, "mom" with her fav flower and colour on my right ankle, and a small bat the top of my right foot. I have a double eyebrow(pierced through scar tissue from my horizontal eyebrow which rejected 5 times and re-pierced 4 times, then the anchor rejected when we tried that), two cartilage on my left ear, a conch piercing on my left ear, one cartilage on my right ear, both my lobes done once, my naval done, and as of 12:15pm today..both my "girls" are done. I have all surgical steel barbells, as I love the look of steel and it looks a lot better than having a zillion different coloured beads in my ears, etc.

I didn't have any trouble with any of them healing, except my first tattoo(the bat on my back) made me break out into a skin infection after a few days but was fine once i took anti-biotics, and my eyebrow has taken a lot of abuse when i've been drinking so it's healed but still likes to spaz at times.

what does everyone else have, if anything? your experiences?

I have two tattoos and four piercings.  I actually had one of my tattoos re-done after 10 years so maybe that counts as three tattoos?  lol  My ear lobes are both double-pierced.

My mom told me the same things about healing time but I didn't have any issues.  If I could do it over again, I wouldn't get the tattoo on my lower back...not because I don't like it, but because I don't see it.  In fact, it startles me when I do catch sight of it in a mirror!

I'm curious about your eyebrow taking abuse when you've been drinking, but then again, maybe I don't really want to know.  :)

haha i dont think it counts as three unless you got a cover-up..but if you added..yeah maybe!


i just meant that when i drink, i tend to rough house with my friends more, and my eyebrow barbells get hit, etc. the when i went to hug my friend..but i started jumping with my arms around her and we fell..and i hit my forehead on the brick eyebrow percings were bleeding quite a bit after that lol. i woke up and was like "wtf..why is there dry blood all over the barbells?" for a moment before i remember lol. i wish i had video of was pretty funny even from my view..i was laying on my back on the ground holding my eyebrow peircings and laughing my ass off with everyone. be 21 again and have 'I wish we had video' moments instead of 'gawd, I hope nobody saw that' moments like I have now!  :)

haha trust me..most of my drunken moments are like that..but this was just really funny.

Well I have two tat's one on lower back(tramp stamp)lol and the other between my shoulder blades.I didnt have any trouble with the healing process,think it just depends on the person.Do you drink alot? Wuz just curious how drinking effects ur blood sugars??

depends on how much money i have and what's going on..but I drink most friday and saturday nights. i work during the week now at 830am, so i usually have max three nights if it's a week night. i'd say i drink about 2-3 nights a week, sometimes 4 or 5..again it depends on what's going on. i've been drinking since i was 15 though, so i've pretty much figured out how to balance my insulin and alcohol. i usually wake up with a great level. i test before i start drinking, do a correction if needed and depending on what i'm drinking, will do some extra to cover it. i then just test through out and take extra insulin when needed. i usually have no less than 3 drinks though when i do drink, but usually more like 4 or 5 doubles or beers is more often the min.